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Welcome to Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi!

Quality Care You Can Trust

Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi is the leading Dental Clinic in Wonthaggi —

and we’ve been managing our patients’ health since 2010.

We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi, your health is our number one priority,

and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner.

Say Goodbye to Dental Worries with a Smile

At Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi, we are committed to providing you with the best possible dental care. Our team of skilled and friendly dentists in Wonthaggi is dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy and clean. We offer a wide range of services for patients of all ages and dental needs, from routine check-ups to emergency care.

Whether you need veneers or whitening to improve the appearance of your teeth, or implants or crowns to restore your smile, our team have you covered. We will make you feel confident and knowledgeable about your dental health and smile.

Book an appointment with us today for a quick consultation.

Serving the Local Community with Pride

No matter what dental services you need, our Wonthaggi dental office is open for patients of all ages, including kids, adults, and seniors. Our patients visit from the greater Wonthaggi area as well as those from neighbouring communities.

With our dentists in Wonthaggi, you can relax knowing that our dental clinic provides high-quality care for you and your little ones.

Why Consult a Local Family Dentist in Wonthaggi

Consulting a local family dentist in Wonthaggi can benefit you and your family in many ways. Aside from being more comfortable and relaxed during dental visits, you become familiar with the environment, and thus less prone to anxiety during your dental visits. Booking appointments for everyone at the same time and place saves you plenty of time and hassle.

Moreover, your local family dentist in Wonthaggi can provide you with high-quality dental care for all your needs, from preventive to cosmetic dentistry. You benefit from personalised advice and treatment based on your specific conditions and preferences by knowing your family’s dental history.

Timely regular check-ups, cleaning, fillings, extractions, root canal treatment, gum disease treatment, teeth whitening, cosmetic and orthodontic treatment are other services your family dentist can provide you when you need them.

Affordable, quality dentistry in Wonthaggi

We are a preferred provider for dental care treatment with BUPA, Medibank Private, NIB, CBHS, HCF, and

 We accept all major health insurance with our HICAPS facility!


Flexibility in payments and dental care benefits


Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Opening Hours


Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Friday: 9am - 4:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Public Holidays: Closed

Dental Services We Offer

Want to come in for a regular dental check-up? In the middle of a dental emergency? Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi offers an extensive range of dental services for everyone from little ones to adults and seniors. Here’s a glimpse of what our dentists in Wonthaggi have to offer:

• General Dentistry: From everyday dental check-ups to cleaning and follow-ups we help you maintain healthy gums and a beautiful smile all year long. Our dentists also see children under 18 who are eligible for the

Medicare CDBS scheme.

• Orthodontics: Orthodontics services range from normal traditional metal braces to clear ceramic braces and more. We also offer treatment for clear aligners such as Invisalign.

• Cosmetic Dentistry: Whether it’s tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and smile makeovers, we provide all major restorative dentistry options.

• Implants: Dental implants are strong, titanium screws placed in your jaw to replace missing teeth and improve the look and function of your smile. Our dentists provide both regular implants as well as full-arch and custom implants for patients.

• Crown & Bridge: We only reputed Australian labs to fabricate best quality crowns and bridges to replace large fillings or chipped and cracked teeth.

Based on the patient’s dental needs and lifestyle, our dentist in Wonthaggi will tailor the treatment for a hassle-free and comfortable treatment.

Get Your Smile & Dental Health in Shape

We are passionate about helping our local communities and will help you prevent decay and injuries through our patient-centric approach. Our dentists at our Wonthaggi clinic are sought after for their dental and orthodontics services by patients from Wonthaggi, and nearby.

Book an appointment online or contact us by filling in a form. Our team will be more than delighted to serve you and your family’s dental needs.

You can avail our serivces in suburbs like Archies Creek, Dalyston, Harmers Haven, St ClairWest Creek

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189 Graham St

Wonthaggi VIC 3995

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We are a HDAA accredited practice

Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi

Supreme Dental Surgery Wonthaggi stands out as the top dental clinic in Wonthaggi, actively overseeing the well-being of our patients since 2010.


189 Graham Street

Wonthaggi VIC 3995


5672  1026

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